ExFitt: Learn Lower Back Pain Exercises


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How to get rid of lower back pain with a fitness program?


The ExFitt SequenceTM offers a carefully selected flow of exercises, helping to reduce lower back pain issues caused by prolonged sitting and poor body posture.

Own fitness coach

Body flexibility

Core strength





Learn how to exercise to reduce lower back pain

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Learn the ExFitt SequenceTM in 4 weeks

Week 1 - Start Week 1

Each week a module with the key exercise video

Week 2 - Progress Week 2

Breathing, warm-up and flexibility stretching

Week 3 - Next level Week 3

Variable sequences that take 10 to 40 minutes of exercise

Week 4 - You are in charge Week 4

Special bonuses for the individual body parts

You will join for free and can complete the full course without any payments. You will have lifetime access to all the course materials. You can contribute to the further program development as much as you like depending on how happy you are with your progress.

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You can attend the course on all of the most common devices.

Desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Dan Frolec

What are the customers saying

I never thought that only 15 minutes of daily exercise could make such a difference to my body and wellbeing!


Dan’s great routines help me a lot dealing with jetlag and staying fit, healthy and happy during my regular travels around the globe. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get stunning results from a short daily exercise. Thank you very much, Dan!


After a recent back injury limited my yoga practice, Dan's core strengthening exercises helped alleviate my back pain considerably.


I do yoga and Pilates for 15 years already. The only problem with my busy work life is that I am not able to join organized classes as often as I would like to. ExFitt, a great combination of best exercises from various fitness systems, enables me in an efficient and simple way to exercise anywhere and hence add to my regular classes when I don’t have enough time.


Learn how to exercise to reduce lower back pain

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