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The ExFitt Fitness Program has been developed over the course of 10 years with people like us in mind.


Who is program for

ExFitt Fitness Program is for successful but busy people around the world who like to stay fit and healthy even after 40, live active life full of energy and joy, don’t like crowded gyms and prefer to exercise on their own, anywhere they are. In the living room, in the garden, in the hotel room during busy travel schedule.

Carefully selected flow of exercises from yoga, pilates, often inspired by body physiotherapy focus on core strength and body flexibility, two of the key pillars of fitness that help prevent back pain caused by present sedentary life style.


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Who created ExFitt and how

We aspire to live our life full of health and happiness. Eating good food, living close to the nature, nurturing mindfulness practice and last but definitely not least - staying mentally and physically fit. It is an amazing feeling to share our many years of experience with other, like-minded people and contribute to improvement of their health and fitness.

I was born in 1970. I could have never imagine to be 50 and how it’s to going feel like. And look, here I am, still kicking strong, full of energy and looking good :-). Thanks to healthy life, lovely wife, great family, regular exercise, running and swimming. Anyone could do that. With the right tools and a bit of self-motivation.

Dan Frolec

Dan Frolec

Pilates teacher, Freediving instructor, Teacher of swimming and water safety, Skiing instructor. Father of 2. 20+ years in various leadership roles for the global companies - Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Unilever and CSM.

Jarka Frolec

Jarka Frolec

Yoga teacher, passionate ayurveda student, dog & cat lover. Mother of 2. 7+ years of teaching vinyasa yoga in several places around the world.

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Dan Frolec

What are the customers saying

I never thought that only 15 minutes of daily exercise could make such a difference to my body and wellbeing!


Dan’s great routines help me a lot dealing with jetlag and staying fit, healthy and happy during my regular travels around the globe. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to get stunning results from a short daily exercise. Thank you very much, Dan!


After a recent back injury limited my yoga practice, Dan's core strengthening exercises helped alleviate my back pain considerably.


I do yoga and Pilates for 15 years already. The only problem with my busy work life is that I am not able to join organized classes as often as I would like to. ExFitt, a great combination of best exercises from various fitness systems, enables me in an efficient and simple way to exercise anywhere and hence add to my regular classes when I don’t have enough time.


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